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If You Want to Be a Successful Entrepreneur, Get Comfortable
Being vulnerable can be scary, but it doesn't mean you're weak.

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These 3 Businesses Are Already (and Creatively) Using AI to
Next time you use Grammarly, realize that a machine, not a human grammarian, is fixing those text errors for you.

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How I Escaped Domestic Violence, Built a Seven-Figure Empire
Inside Jess Lenouvel's plans to empower women, upgrade their marketing, serve their dream clients and get their lives back.

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Instagram Finally Adds Mute Feature
Perhaps you have a friend who spams your feed with multiple posts per day (or hour). Maybe it's all selfies all the time. Now you can mute them without unfollowing.

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This Company Thinks It Can Help You Get Over Your Smartphone
Imagine a life where you're not checking your phone constantly.

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